Of Blood and Mercury
Stangers ( CD/LP - Consouling Sounds Records - 2020)


Line up:
Michelle Nocon: vocals - programmation
Olivier JLW: guitars - keyboards - noise
Jonas Sanders: drums - percussions
David Alexandre Parquier: bass

All music & lyrics by Michelle Nocon & Olivier JLW  
Recording & mix: Olivier JLW & Jonas Sanders
Additional recording: Ivan Houben
Mastering: Pete Maher
Band picture: David Fitt

Contact: ofbloodandmercury@gmail.com
Bandcamp: ofbloodandmercury.bandcamp.com
Label : Consouling Sounds Records
Booking: Doomstar Bookings (Europe) - Vox Bookings (Belgium)

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Something from Earth and something from Space.

Here’s how it started_ When eyes meet for the first time, one can recognize curiosity, seclusiveness, suffering but also love in the other. When that stranger becomes your home, one chapter closes and new ways occur. Change is vital for the growth of the soul and to live a life of meaning. When allowing a part of yourself to die, you sacrifice who you are now for who you can become. Of Blood and Mercury is a new musical project founded by Olivier J.LW and Michelle Nocon in early 2018. While the couple were known to perform and release albums in the extreme metal scene (“Enthroned” and “Emptiness” for Olivier, “Bathsheba”, “Serpent Cult” and “Death Penalty” for Michelle) they both united their creativity in a musical style that could be described as a mix of dark pop, ambient with a touch of synthetic nostalgia. The words into music_ It is difficult to define with any degree of certainty what is or is not real, especially with one’s limited perception. Words like ‘life’ and ‘death’ serve to confine our understanding and set limits where none exist. Realities and existences may co-exist within our own, and none of us can be fully aware of it while being awake. There are numerous tales and stories about what we commonly call ghosts, and there are as many of these apparitions as there are people. A combination of emotions, thoughts and desires is made of energy and creates forms that will reveal itself in as many ways as possible. Blood and Mercury_ You can be made from all particles and elements the earth could ever brew, and still feel like a stranger in this world. But when you don’t feel like belonging here and neither to space, would you belong anywhere?

The Current Order - Brussels 2020