A serie of paintings by Michelle Nocon

He, who lives at the sea...

As the great Carl Jung stated: “The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lived.” The sea covers most of the earth’s surface. Its salty water is a harbour for an incredible biodiversity. Life started in water, and it is water that reaches into the deepest and darkest caves and caverns of the earth. The sea can break stones and walls. It gives, and mercilessly takes. The all swallowing sea feeds on contradictions. It’s unpredicatable nature has cost the lives of many. Tranquil and open one moment, dramatic and turbulent another. On the other hand, conducted by the moon, its tides come and go in a never ending cyclic movement. At night, it will drag anyone towards the cold wavering waves, into an endless black hole. Even though it’s limitless, it sets boundaries. It obsesses me, but I cannot wander there. I cannot get lost at the sea.


The Current Order - Brussels 2020