Not For Music

“What would you be without me?
To cover your dreams with gold,
a gold that I've never earned...
Your freedom devoted to myself,
a privilege, a nowhere to go”


Nothing but the Whole

“Nothing is good for long, all is used
A world is hiding another
Collapsing the wall, such is the pleasure
However there is nothing worse...
So imagine boredom”



“Maybe I should apologize to feel even lower...
My words are empty
I fail at the language of animals”

Founded in Brussels, in the year 1998 by bass/vocalist Jeremie Bezier and guitarist Olivier JWL, EMPTINESS embarked on their musical journey with a burning vision to delve deep into darkness. While the band was taking musical inspiration from different extreme styles such as black and death metal, the Belgians approached them in an open minded manner of continuous experimentation.

The Current Order - Brussels 2020