Into the Void
Ultra Limited CD edition (Sold out)

“All nature, all universe that we can see, is absolutely indifferent to us, and except to us, human life is of no more value than grass” Richard Jefferies - The Story of my Heart.

“Into the Void - 33 Ways to Suicide” tells the story of insanity, nihilism and despair. For this project, the artist has delved in the somber cave of a bleak but ever present thought during her life. What drove her to dwell in the mindset of selfdestruction can be seen as a toxic interweave of want, anger, curiosity, and suffering. All of this is synthesized in the arrangement of a twenty minute song. The voices of sorrow and delusion, reason and truth, doubt and scare, drive you from a chaotic hell to a demolishing climax. The waking from a nightmare to witness it was reality after all. Is suicide the terminal wrong or is it a solution, the cure for life?
With this in mind the design for the cover was made as an equivalent of a medicine box with instructions for a succesful end. Since the theme was so intimate, the artist decided to make 33 unique covers of each way thought of to bring her life to an end. The ideas are often mixed with humor, cynism, nihilism or philosophies she had in mind, which makes it even more akwardly personal. Her well thought through première was a one and only live of this piece at the Into the Void festival in Leeuwaarden where she brought extreme blackmetal to a doommetal crowd. Many people were confused, some were baffled and some hated it. The perfect act to go with this project.


Trilogy of Fuckery - Digital release

I am disturbed - Video

The “Trilogy of Fuckery “sets the tone towards cynical nihilism. The cover is a self portret of the artist, showing her in an alien-like way as she is alienated from herself. The song ‘I am disturbed’, which is not on the digital release itself, breathes a completely different style, for a reason. One could call this ‘a mindfuck’. The unreachableness of the music and the unpredictableness of the artist are a presentation of the madness within her reality. The music for the video ‘I am disturbed’ is almost happy, with a space jungle touch, “Madonna on acid”. An almost clownesk but at the same time dry sort of absurdity is displayed. Insanity is part of the path to destruction. The disturbing lyrics fit strange to the ‘happy tune’. Are we misled? Do we understand it? The artist forces confusion, upon us, maybe because “they did it to her...”? We are left to wonder.
The Current Order - Brussels 2020