Acrylic on board - 80x100 cm

A collection of paintings & mixed media by Olivier JLW 

It is difficult to define with any degree of certainty what is or is not real, especially with one’s limited perception. Words like ‘life’ and ‘death’ serve to confine our understanding and set limits where none exist. Realities and existences may co-exist with our own, and none of us can be fully aware of it while being awake. There are numerous tales and stories about what we commonly call ghosts, and there are as many of these apparitions as there are people.

These fragments of personalities are not fully focused in physical reality, and might be as unalert or alert to their situation as we are to our own. When not a primary projection of a dead relative, it is said that many of these apparitions are thought-forms of repetitive actions sent by personalities out of deep anxiety.

A combination of emotions, thoughts and desires is made of energy and creates forms. It will reveal itself in as many ways as possible. All these forms do not necessarily possess a full consciousness of the personality it emanates from, but some might be more aware than others.

The painting series ‘dissolution’ depicts, in a minimalist and reductive way, the last moments of this ethereal life and the loss of the physical data that accompanies it; when the moment has come for these projections to end and leave the cycle. As everything may end, the ultimate alteration allows us to witness the last remains of how these forms were once projected to their observer.

The Current Order - Brussels 2020