A collection of paintings & mixed media by Olivier JLW

One of the attributes of the higher worlds which we must always take into account if we wish to image in our minds, is that there one of the limitations which on all sides surround our consciousness here has been removed.

Within the grasp of the physical brain, we are yet conscious only of three dimensions of space. In reality, we believe we're living in space of many dimensions, and the limits imposed upon our comprehension of it at different stages are always within our own consciousness only, and so are legitimately subjectives. We see what we are capable of observing, but there is always an infinity more than we see. On the astral plane we are yet very far from realization of the divine faculties which exist in man; but at least we are one stage nearer to that realization, in that one limitation has already dropped away. Even this alteration is considerable from the point of view of the physical plane that we can with difficulty understand even a little of what it means. However careful a description may be given, the idea cannot be conveyed in physical language.

When we look at a painting of a landscape, we obtain from it the idea of how the landscape would appear if we were to see it in reality; but that is because we have seen other landscapes, and our mind knows the general characteristics and can feed what is lacking. But if we showed that picture to some who had never seen a landscape in nature, he would not in the least understand it from it the real appearance of a landscape. For in truth a picture is misleading in almost every feature; its lines and angles cannot be an exact reproduction of those which they represent, because the landscape is not drawn as it is in reality, but only as it appears to man from a certain standpoint. So if we were unable to allow for perspective and for the varying proportions in the picture, we should gain no true idea of the various objects which were represented in it. In exactly the same way, with the best intentions and intelligence at our disposal, we frequently form erroneous conceptions of the higher planes of nature from the descriptions which are given to us; and this is from no fault of ours or of those who describe it to us, but simply from the inherent difficulty of the subject.
ARCANE 18.10.19
Acrylic, ink and mixed medias on wood panel - 60 x 77 cm

ARCANE 29.6.20
Acrylics, ink and mixed media on canvas - 80 x 100 cm

ARCANE 1.1.20
Acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas - 100 x 120 cm

ARCANE 8.2.20
Acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas - 100 x 70 cm

ARCANE 27.11.19
Acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas - 100 x 160 cm
The Current Order - Brussels 2020